Israel’s Last Chance? KPFK Wed. 7/7

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu met with Obama yesterday — AMY WILENTZ argues that if Netanyahu cannot be convinced to negotiate seriously with the Palestinians by the end of the summer, “the two-state solution may well be doomed, and eventually …  so may the state of Israel.”  Amy was Jerusalem correspondent for The New Yorker; her new piece is at Politico.

Also: MAZEL TOV, MIS AMIGOS: JOSH KUN has unearthed some amazing connections between Latin and Jewish popular music – from Yiddish mambos to Fiddler on the Roof charangas.  Also: how Tito Puente ended up playing the Catskills.  Josh teaches at USC’s Annenberg school and is director of the Popular Music Project there.  He curated the exhibition “Jews on Vinyl” currently at the Skirball Museum, and will be hosting a listening party tomorrow/Thurs there at 730pm.  Details HERE.

Plus: How Bush’s wars became Obama’s: TOM ENGELHARDT analyzes “a disaster that is yet to end.”  Tom created and runs the indispensable, and is the author of The End of Victory Culture; Andrew Bacevich says “Tom Engelhardt is the I.F. Stone of the post 9/11 age.”  Tom’s new book is THE AMERICAN WAY OF WAR.