America at War: Andrew Bacevich on KPFK 10/2

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has grim and eloquent critique of our military system—he was an army officer for 23 years and now teaches at Boston U.  His new book is Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed their Soldiers and Their Country. READ Rachel Maddow’s review in the NY Times Book Review, HERE.

Also: Maybe you heard the news: Republicans shut down the government.  JOHN NICHOLS will comment: he’s Washington correspondent for The Nation and his most recent book is Dollarocracy.

Plus: The project of restoring and protecting the L.A. river has reached a crucial turning point, as the Army Corps of Engineers has agreed to a $453 million plan to restore 11 miles of the river but leaving the rest hard to reach.  LEWIS MacADAMS will explain – he’s the cofounder and president of FOLAR, Friends of the LA River.