The End of Iraq? Juan Cole on KPFK 6/25

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JUAN COLE has studied Muslim politics and history for 30 years, and now he says Iraq is “in its last throes” as Kurdistan prepares to declare independence and the Sunnis allied with ISIS consolidate their control.

Plus: 50 years ago, Mississippi Freedom Summer brought a thousand mostly white college students to the worst place in America; what happened that summer changed history.   MARSHALL GANZ dropped out of Harvard to go to Mississippi, where he found his “calling” as an organizer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.  Then he spent 16 years organizing alongside Cesar Chavez.  He’s still working on community organizing, and he also teaches at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Also: Also: A spiritual journey into the Himalayas: PICO IYER talks about Peter Mattheson’s exploration of suffering, impermanence, and beauty in his classic book The Snow Leopard it’s out now in paperback.